13 Reasons….

Well... first of all; here I am, writing this. It's currently 5:30am, I've been up since 9am Sunday. It's officially Monday. I'd like to start off with how grateful I am for the doctors, family members, and....even X-Boyfriend who have kept me alive, here....at 5:30am, writing this upon request yet I've chosen to write it... Continue Reading →


(For Stories, advice and more scroll down. Comment if you would like one of these stories to be fully posted on my blog as a separate post.) Mental Illness is a battle no one should have to face alone. This will be a safe place full of advice, personal stories, and uplifting thoughts. If you are... Continue Reading →


Apps to help sooth anxiety when you're in public Coping mechanisms Articles And much more SAFE UTAH- This app allows you to call a crisis line at any given time, if you want to chat with someone instead of calling, it also gives the option to chat and you can submit tips you've found come... Continue Reading →


 This Page/post will be one for the books! This will be updated off and on with stories of love! Real, dreamt, and fictional. This will be a place where you can comment your dreams, or ask to have a certain story told! A place where we will learn the difference between love and lust as... Continue Reading →


Often people do not know where to go or what music to turn on when they are in a stressful situation or need a moment to think. There's so many options, but so many artist that many people don't know of, so here is a list of songs artists and groups that you can pull... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Voice Lesson Page/Post. This Page will be reguraly updated with new information if needed and new information will also be available upon request. I teach all ages from 3-20+ If you would like to take from me I am a fresh beginning vocal teacher. My style is very different. I teach from... Continue Reading →

Dream A Dream

Have you ever had the most beautiful dream...? Imagine this: Everything's complete. You've got you're own house; enough money to pay everything off. A husband or wife, kids who are perfect, a boat, a cabin.... Then you wake up and.... you realize.... I have none of those things....or maybe you do...and you dream of more... Continue Reading →

Dear Girls

Ladies....have you ever thought or prayed about what it is you are looking for in a man? Well here's my little secret; I have for  a very long time. I've written everything Im looking for in a future spouse but not only that...last night I wrote down how I could better prepare to be someones... Continue Reading →

Loving you for you

Confidence is something that is hard to find. Especially when we live in a world such as self involved as ours. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however it can cause quite the uprising.  Adds, commercials, magazines, and social media can make us feel inadequate. You see someones eyebrows...you say "dang it there on fleek"... Continue Reading →


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