Colors happen to have a psychological effect on us. Although it’s something we see through art, it happens to be a “Silent language” (beyond.com) colors can change the environment that we are in, the setting, and even the mood. Now we all want to have a peaceful uplifting mood and even more than that we want to be full of hope and to feel hopeful and spend that. Well here are some explanations on colors that bring that into our lives and how we can influence people more by spreading our pastel colors.

Blue- This is a great color, representing to sky it allows us to open our minds and hearts to positive change

Orange- This is one of the less arousing colors, yet allows a very social atmosphere to occur

Yellow- This particular color happens to encourage people to communicate more but it’s most impactful effect is that it encourages optimism and hope

Green- This color represents balance and nature, it can allow the human mind and body to search deep beyond

Pink- This is my favorite color, and it just happens to be calming, helps with anxiety

Pastels in general allow you to have vulnerability. They also relieve and sooth the soul….equating it with sanity.  

Did you know that colors effect your brain waves? It also effects your automatic nervous system, along with your hormonal activity.

So the next time you want to spread love or hope, or are feeling down and possibly are being too hard on yourself, you’re low on your confidence and you need that extra power boost……..find some colors, really take your time acknowledging them. Find a panting and point out why it makes you feel hopeful or find one that gives that hopefulness and just draw the energy or create it from the colors.

Sleep is extremely important to the body and mind. Our lives depend on this and if we don’t get enough sleep it can be very detrimental to our future and the present. Now here are some sleeping tips that have been asked for by Sabrina!!!!!

  • Meditation- This is a simple way to calm down the mind right before you lay down and close you eyes to go to sleep
  • Pre-paring for the next day- Doing this releases stress that can make it hard for us to fall asleep and make it ruff do us the next day
  • Make yourself a sleeping schedule- My sleeping schedule is interesting for an adult, however it is the best for me because of my situation, so fit you sleeping schedule to make the best of your days
  • Exercise daily- This can help the body in the most positive of ways and allow you to fall asleep easier
  •  Avoid napping- Long naps can cause you to go into a groggy phase, when this happen the mind and body experience a very lazy feeling and then later you have lots of energy and can’t sleep

Self respect is something that isn’t really talked about a lot. Yet this is something I feel society has buried into a deep hole. Without self respect we can’t fully respect one another. Now this comes with time, and can be very difficult for some people. However it is something that when we come to realize is helpful.

Along with self respect comes having confidence and this is something that in particular is really hard for  me. We really beat up on ourselves and we should learn how to accept who we are and what we do. Yes we mess up and sometimes we do need discipline for this however we get really hard on ourselves sometimes, much more than we need to. If we say the wrong thing or get nervous to stutter or anything that the world sees as “imperfect” that’s when we get hard on ourselves and choose to disrespect ourselves. We call ourselves things that only our enemies get into our head. Satan especially finds victory when this happens.






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