The Perfect Date 

   The worst part about being single… is having to date!! You have to date around continually to find attribute you like so forth so on, it’s a process am I right!?!? Well within the years that I have been single for… I’ve been on my hand full of dates, I’ve been here and there and everywhere but tonight… I went on a date that really has some potential. Now I don’t want to get too excited because I’m nervous and that’s the part of my soul that’s been hurt from going on dates and wanting it to work out and thinking it’s working then it explodes and my heart is a goner and I have to start the process over again….. right…? 

But is it bad to think…what’s if this ends up going somewhere wonderful????? 

  Tonight I was SO happy going out with this man and let me tell you…. he’s a man! He’s more mature than anyone I have ever gone out with and that’s EXACTLY what I have been praying and searching for. He’s really open hearted and I dig that a lot!!! Not only that but he just….he’s different, he’s calm yet funny, and has energy and doesn’t seem like someone who would be embarrassed by me or having me around. If only everyone could go on the date I went on tonight because it was fire y’all… 😍

  Oh my gosh and his hugs….. I HAVE NEVER WANTED TO HOLD ON TO SOMEONE SO LONG AS I DID WHEN HE HUGGED ME TONIGHT!!!!! Honestly the best feeling in the world because it was real!! And I think that’s the big difference everyone else I’ve gone on dates with….they aren’t real, they don’t allow there to be real vulnerabilities and he completely did that tonight which blew me away and I absolutely love that so much!! It showed me I can trust him with anything but especially my heart and I haven’t felt like that before. He became like a safe place for me tonight. He’s adventurous and allowed me to decide where to go and it made me feel great!!

  My communication skills with him were good and I hope there’s more to come because I feel like I could get really good!! I have a weird thing now where I don’t like looking people in the eyes for too long and I used to be able to do that and feel really comfurtable but I felt like that would ruin my chances with him and I was a little more attentive to that tonight then normal which is good and means that I really really do want good to come out of this like it has tonight!! Next time I’ll be able to look him in the eyes for a longer time hahaha!!

  There’s something so different when a man drives 2 hours to come and get you and take you out, opens your door… looks you in the eyes when talking, stays off his phone….and is just down right respectful!! 

  Lady’s I am living proof that there is hope every so often!! He has given me hope and I’m gonna put effort into this and there’s gonna be a lot of prayer, and energy distributed and I hope it goes well but regaurdless!! There are men out there who are stupid and then there are men like the one I went on a date with tonight who are smart, indipendent, respectful, hardworking, motivated, and loving!!! Choose the men like the one I finally was able to meet and go out with tonight, your world will change significantly!!! Oh yes hahaha we went to temple square, he has never been it was such a fun adventure!!



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