The Beauty of the Temple 


Last night on my amazing date we went to temple square!! We sat and looked at the temple for a really good amount of time and it was just so nice and peaceful! After  awhile my date asked me what was on top… In response I said Moroni!!! With a grin on my face, then he asked why Moroni was ontop and I realized 🤔 I uuuuuh don’t know the answer to that question actually that’s a great question!! So I asked my mom and she said a little about what she knew but then I looked up an article from the LDS church and it all hit me while I was reading and gaining knowledge of the Angel Moroni and why he is ontop of most of the temples!!

The heaviest Angel Moroni statue weights 4,000 pounds!! Did you know that!??? I certainly did not! Also when the statue is placed it normally faces the east! The reason it faces east is because in scriptures Christ will come from the east and  Read Revelation 14:16 to understand a little bit more about the Angle Moroni.

Moroni is a representation of the restoration of the gospel! Now, the first building to have Angel Moroni on it was the Nauvoo Illinois temple which was dedicated in 1846! The Angel Moroni was a bit different however. It was not specified as being Angel Moroni, pretty interesting right?!? I think so!!

Interesting fact #3 these temples do not have Angel Moroni on them!!

1. St. George Utah Temple

2. Logan Utah Temple

3. Manti Utah Temple

4. Laie Hawaii Temple

5. Cardston Alberta Temple

6. Mesa Arizona Temple

7. Hamilton New Zealand

8. Oakland California Temple

“The trumpet, which is held in Moroni’s right hand, symbolizes the spreading of the gospel and the Second Coming of the Savior. In Matthew 24:31, it states that the angels with trumpets will gather the righteous together for the coming of the Lord. Every statue of the Angel Moroni atop a temple has this symbol” (New Era magazine)

Often Angel Moroni is seen not only holding the trumpet but also the golden plates and a scroll. The second and third versions of the statue each held the golden plates. The fifth version held a scroll. Now you’re probably like me wondering okaaaay what the heck does the scroll symbolize then? Well…the scroll represents the “everlasting gospel” that is stated in Revelation 14:6 read it and find out!

So there’s a little bit about the Angel Moroni and why it’s placed ontop of the temple! If you want to know more… read the Book of Mormon, it’s the best I read it everyday it’s my favorite book!!!


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