African American skin care

Skin care is an essential part of life! As an African American living in a dry, hot place! Skin care is crucial to my day to day routine! If you are African American you know the struggle is real because you can’t just walk into a drug store and buy the most affordable face wash there. You’ve got to go to other places or look for specifics! Many of the products in stores are not designed for use with African American skin. African American skin contains more melanin than Caucasian skin as well as other skin types.Our skin is also much more prone to oils and getting oily easily in the heat, as well as just in general…is more oily unfortunately but there are ways to help this. When dealing with African American skin you have to be extremely careful due to the fact that the sensitivity rates are much more high than other skin types!

The very best way to treat African American skin is to keep it deeply clean. African American skin responds well to natural, organic products. Many store-bought soaps contain artificial ingredients that often aggravate the skin. Dark skin shows reactions to products faster and through discoloration so you must be very careful!

Here are my personal recommendations for African American Skin cleansing: Shea butter soap, olive oil soap, African black soap bar, or often times Dove soap bars. Stay away from: hydrogen proxied, and any strong destroying formulas such as “No bumps” I used these and it caused me to have a HORRIBLE outbreak in my skin, which took me 6 months to recover from AND IM STILL IN THE RECOVERY PROCESS!!!! (Which is going wonderful we will get to that in a moment!

African American Acne

Everyone gets Acne but just to make matters worse…on African Americans, dark scarring can last an extremely long time after an outbreak. To treat acne on African American skin, you should first avoid using hair oils that run onto the skin, or be very careful about keeping them away from the face! Regular cleansing as mentioned does work for stopping acne, however not forever, you have to be consistent in a day to day routine with it. For stubborn acne use foaming cleaners as well as a spin brush to really get everything out from underneath the skin, people often wonder what temperature to wash your face with and you should wash your skin with clod water, especially if you are having extreme break outs!! Use a microfiber clothe also to dry the skin and rub clean!

Razor Bumps
The best natural remedy for razor bumps is to stop shaving, hahahah or always make sure your razor is brand new. You can make a paste that I read about online with strawberries and sour cream or you can mix honey, aloe vera, water and crushed aspirin and apply it to the affected areas.

I suffer greatly from discoloration, or hyper pigmentation which is an issue with African American skin where you may have spots appearing where acne used to be or a certain part of your face is uneven in the color or melatonin. Even the smallest trauma or allergic reaction can cause light or dark splotches which is seriously annoying and takes a long process to fix with African American skin. The natural way that you can treat hyper-pigmentation is through gentle exfoliation or face masks.

I recommend an oatmeal & honey facial scrub that you mix yourself with equal parts of the ingredients, bananas with honey, cut a lemon and rub it on your face and let it sit, lemon with honey, white egg & lemon juice sit for 10 minuets let it dry it might freak you out because it will turn a little white but it’s all good haha, avocado with egg white and oatmeal! So those are just a few of the facial masks I recommend. I also suggest that you really massage your skin it’s really helpful for the African American skin and can make monumental changes in your skin!!

Now with my hyper pigmentation I’ve been using this video that i found and It’s really been helpful so give it a look at watch to see how I’ve been using  Glycolic acid and remedies to help my African American skin become healthier and prettier so that my melon can be popping!! For anyone who’s wondering how to keep your skin smooth and flawless it’s just a matter of consistency everyday! Also a little bit of sun goes a long way so be in the sun with out sunscreen fora bit not too long! 15 minuets at the max, you’ll want sunscreen for sure because regardless of what people say…. black can crack and that’s a fact!!


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