My Story

For those of you who may not know I am a member of the LDS church!! I absolutely love the gospel and the church! If I did not have it in my life I would fall apart and I am so grateful for the changes it has done for me and who I am now because of the gospel and my choice to follow Christ and come unto him.

Now I’m not a convert, however I have been converted in my own way. Everyone goes through their own personal conversion at some point in there life when they really grasp onto the gospel and fully decide that this is the path they are meant to follow and that Gods plan is correct. When I was in Jr. High I was apart of a group of friends who were all learning about who we are and how to fit in. At this part of my life I became a bit more inactive in the church. Not in the aspects of going to church but in the aspect of being a righteous member and daughter of God. My language was one that soon was discovered to be a disappointment from myself. I knew I could do better and I was having a large issue with finding the F word inappropriate.  My best friend Ashley at the time heard me swear continually one day and she changed my perspective and it gave me a spiritual smack in the face. She was shocked by my language and told me how it had offended her. She was upset and mad because of my un-richouse example that I had been displaying through the school. As my best friend her duty was to protect me from myself, however I didn’t see this at the time and I thought friendship was something where you admired what the other person did and didn’t comment on it other than happy thoughts and all would be well. She fulfilled her role thats for sure! I am so grateful that Ashley had the power and wisdom to talk to me about my misbehavior.

At this time in my life I was struggling with school as well as the social aspect of a jr. high! I was facing bullies each day, and no one knew that at one point I was starving my self in hope to be pretty and fit in so that everyone would like me. I want to be “popular” and the group of friends that I had was not the best example of faithful members at the time. Ashley helped me see through my mistakes down to core of why my life was such a mess and It all led back to the fact that I was not able to have the spirit with me because of the hardness of my heart. I saw that the reasons my life was so miserable was because of myself. I put myself there. I had sent my soul spiraling into a vortex of complete and utter hell. So I decided with the thought in mind to suck it up and get on the road to riotousness. I looked to Ashley in her every day example and followed the things that she did. I left my friends behind realizing that they were not so much my friends as they were my neighbors, making me feel the need to be popular and not accepting me for who I was.

So I slowly started my repentance process. A personal process of change. Many see and think of repentance as a bad thing, but as I have grown older and wiser… I have discovered that repentance is a beautiful God given gift. It is also the gift of our redeemer Jesus Christ and we should use it daily. No one is perfect but we can grow closer and reach our true potential of becoming like God if we keep the commandments and use the tools he has willingly given us! We are given a million blessings and God only asks for one thing in return and that is that we keep his commandments.

This year in particular has been a rough one as well as an incredible learning experience, spiritually, physically, and mentally! I have grown closer to God through my Book of Mormon. Before I was hospitalized for my depression I was getting prepared to serve a mission. I was going to snow college and it wasn’t going well and all I wanted to do was get my papers in and serve the Lord. So I had been preparing and praying my heart out and I just got this gut feeling to not turn in my papers and so I ignored it. Then one day I was doing mission preparation stuff and I got a huge prompting that basically was like….you’re not going to serve a mission and the answer will come soon. So I was very upset about that but ignored it anyways and about two weeks later I was hospitalized for suicidal attempt and my depression had gotten worse!!!! It was out of control and I had no grasp on who I was and it was an extremely hard process for me to go through. After that I prayed and asked why I still couldn’t serve a mission and it was because I had been given a trial to learn from and that my mission was to be home and that I would soon be able to serve in many different ways and it was just that.

As I stay here at my home and grow and learn my mission truly is here. I’m preparing to be a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, and an ultimate lover and theres been no better way to do this than becoming close with the sister missionaries in my ward and learning from then. The sister missionaries are where I got my inspiration for my rainbow book of mormon! One of the sisters had he scriptures out and it was filled with tabs and colors marked to the most I’ve ever seen! So I asked her about it and she told me everything! She said the colors on the inside are more important than the colors on the outside and the markings on the inside are what help her learn and teach! I was so inspired that I told them I wanted to do that to my book of mormon but that I wanted a clean copy of just the book of mormon instead of my triple set that I had. Being the amazing sister missionaries that they are, they handed me a brand new clean copy of the book of mormon and she said that she would get me the information on how to mark them up. That night I was too excited!! I immediately went home and found my own tabs, and got on Pinterest and looked up different colored ways to mark my scriptures and came across a “Come unto him” marking chart! So I printed it out and pasted it onto my scriptures! So here are the directions of what I do with my book of mormon to make it rainbow and i have certainly come closer to my savior and become more humble through doing this!!

  • Green- Names
  • Yellow- All terms and names of God and the savior
  • Blue- My favorite passages or highly important scriptures
  • Red- Basically the large majority of everything, so commandments, repentance and more
  • Orange- The teachings of the gospel, learnings from teachings and examples of teachings
  • Purple- Nature, characteristics or personality of God or Jesus
  • Black- warnings and examples of darkened hearts things to be aware of


  1. The Godhead
  2. Heavenly Father
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. The holy ghost
  5. The plan of salvation
  6. The creation
  7. The fall
  8. Life after death
  9. The atonement
  10. The apostasy
  11. The restoration
  12. The church
  13. Gods love
  14. Marriage
  15. Family
  16. Parenting
  17. Ordinances
  18. Covenants
  19. Commandments
  20. Spiritual Self reliance
  21. Temporal self reliance
  22. The second coming
  23. Service
  24. Love
  25. Becoming Christlike
  26. Missionary work
  27. Gods promises
  28. Humility
  29. Grace
  30. Repentance

There are many tabs that I have and I’ve been naming them based off of the passages messages, you can create your own rainbow scriptures and come unto him! I highly suggest it, it’s fun it’s almost like a coloring game! When I first started that night I went through all of 1st Nephi and in a week I had gotten to Mosiah! This has helped me understand the scriptures more fully and become so much more humble in my day to day activities. I now never leave my book of mormon at home, it goes everywhere with me and so do my colored pencils and pens!! And I get the tabs at Walgreens or rite aid for only about $3!!

I would like to bear my testimony, I know through personal study, meditation, and prayer that God does live and he loves every single one of us individually. I know that if you question these things, go to him in prayer and you will receive an answer if you have an open mind and heart. I know that the Book of Mormon is like unto an instruction to life for us and that by reading it your heart will be softened and you will begin to see the beauty of life and the gifts we have been given!

I write unto you my testimony and my true beliefs and say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

If any of you who have questions about the LDS church or would like to know more, please contact me and I would love to talk to you and answer any and al questions that you may have or comments!

Thanks for reading lovely’s!!!!



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