Piece by Piece

As I contemplated my ability to delete this blog I got many messages from people. People I didn’t know, and people I knew all too well hahaha!

The outweighing number happened to be the crowd that gives me reason to keep this blog up and to continue my writings right as we speak. The people who I didn’t know…. relied on my experiences and my stories. I hope that this blog continues to help and heal anyone in search of that missing piece to the giant puzzle we are all in.

My blog is my most random life moment! It started out in school as a assignment…and has ended up giving me the journey of a lifetime. I hope that as many others have been able to feed off of it, you will also. My most popular blogs happen to be; Anxiety, Music and Babies, 13 reasons, Dream a Dream & Voice lessons

The #1 blog of the year so far is 13 reasons

Not everything in life comes flying at you with a bat…. somedays it might just be the bat…or somedays it could be a cake or something that brings you unexpected joy, hope and love!! So were going to focus on the good parts of life in this post. The parts of life that we sometimes forget to be happy about.

  1. Our Family- No matter who you are…..old or young! You have family just look around you!! Family is everywhere and the friends you have made are not just friends they are family!! To be exact, the definition of family is “All the descendants of a common ancestor” well how about them apples!!! So eventually if you continue on with your family ancestor research, you’ll discover you’re linked to a lot more than just a 5th cousin or a 12th cousin!! You’re going to discover a world of love and relationships you’ve never even thought of being possible!!
  2. Our things- Everyones got a thing. No matter where you are in life you’ve got a thing!! I know I do……oh look!!! It’s my pink laptop cover.. I love my pink laptop cover because it is pink and oh golly gosh do I love the color pink or what!!!? See that led me to a color which is a thing I happen to like and its my thing…..people know I love pink and that so just happens to be my thing!
  3. The present moment- Be grateful you have a house or an area to sleep…… be grateful you can express your feelings to others.. that should make you explode with happiness because right now as we speak in other parts of the world somewhere a mothers missing her son…. and somewhere someone is longing to see their mother and to be held knowing their ok. Somewhere in this world, there are people who are under restrictions you can not fathom. And we need to be grateful for the situations we have. Especially if you are reading this….. You have technology which not many can afford or not many have the opportunity to hold such a thing in their presents.
  4. The body- Being grateful for the body we have been given is one of the greatest lift treasures. It’s taken me a long time to accept my physical being.. and if you’re at a stage in your life where you are struggling with your appearance in any way… believe I have been there on multiple accounts and if you ever need to talk…send me a message!! I’ll be there to answer it. But be grateful your body is here right now. Weather in pain or not. It’s here and you’ve got one.



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