The Beauty of the Beast

This story was one I wrote a long time ago about…but I will post it on here because I might as well. It’s a short story and I hope you find the meaning in it.

Silence….that’s all I ever heard before this day!

Silence…and now everything’s so loud and clear.

When I close my eyes, when I focus on hearing every little thing surrounding me, I no longer hear silence. It becomes clairvoyant that I’ve just been shutting everything out. How could this be? I mean…It’s not like I mean too or that I want too. It just…it happens. I’m not deaf, I’ve never been deaf, it’s just that I never heard anything that truly mattered so much to me than today when I heard every single little thing I’ve ever wanted to hear. The wind haha… water, cars going past, kids laughing!! I can’t explain it! Something so unique and so deep that not even the smartest person could figure it out or come close to naming it! Actually you know….never mind… I don’t know! I don’t know what it is I never know! But what I do know for sure is that today…. life meant something!! It was like riding a rollercoaster. First I’m up… Then I’m down… Then i’m up again.

This life is like a stream

Don’t know where it’s going

Don’t know where it’s going to stop…

But when you follow it…

You find the end.


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