Princess Tiana

Okay so I love Princess Tiana!! If you didn’t know!!! She’s the best!! And Not just because she’s a princess. You have to remember that before she married the prince…she was just an ordinary girl living down in the New Orleans!!! But let me tell you all the reasons I am obsessed with Princess Tiana!!!

  • Princess Tiana and I are extremely similar and I didn’t realize this until like….the 20th time I watch the movie! She’s dedicated to one thing and one thing only….well kind of! She’s got the objective of building her own restaurant. But this isn’t exactly for her at the beginning she does this for her belated father who also had the dream of having his own restaurant. She wants to make sure all his hard work, is shown through her. She later on realizes that her father had exactly what he wanted and needed which was love and his daughter. So she creates the restaurant for her and her new little family! The similarity between Tiana and I is different but if you know me…. you sure can understand it! I turn down a lot of things just so that I can complete my objectives.
  • Princess Tiana sings… I sing….she sings gospel…I sing gospel…she’s black….she didn’t pay attention to boys…. I payed attention to theatre and then…boys later on…she refuses to let her dream fade..I refuse to let my d- YOU GET MY POINT HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • She’s freaking sassy as heck…Ive often heard that I also can be really sassy….but I just don’t see it, ya’ll don’t know what ya talking about I’m not sassy. I’m adorable….theres a difference! 😉

So anyways not a lot to write on because I have to go to church but you can also check out my Instagram posts about Tiana!!!! I’m obsessed with the moral of the story and  if you have never seen the movie DON’T TELL ME……just go watch it and then we can talk about it and why it’s one of the best movies on this planet that Disney has ever created! Also umm…I love Ray. Period. He’s the best.


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