Sexual Education

To be completely honest I believe that the sexual education given throughout the states is horrible. There is not a high enough education on it, it’s not taken seriously enough, and people aren’t learning a thing.

The few things I remember about my health class when we had our sex ed unit were these couple pointers…

  • The female reproduction system
  • The male reproduction system
  • How a life is created
  • Diseases caused by sex
  • How drugs effect sex

That was legitimately it. I have gotten more information and education on what not to do and more on sexual education from adults who are close friends who have gone through that…. then from a high school or jr. high system that’s specifically set to teach you about that. I strongly believe that we need to talk more about sex in depth and about sexual orientation in general adding in about transgender, gay, lesbian….everything. I think that we need to know what and how to control what we do in the future. Babies are being created out of “surprise” because people don’t know how to stop. We need education on hormones more specifically how to control that, how to control the feelings that go on down under when you do come to that point and what to do if you’re in a situation with someone where you’ve gone farther than you wanted to or were expecting to. We make these mistakes and we don’t know how we got there. We expect ourselves to be able to know how to control it when really….we have never been taught how to control it and why it is that’s happening. Honestly I think that we also should talk about how kissing effects the chemicals in your brain and how dopamine is released and how we become soft butter and we need to teach or be taught that this does not mean you should have sex or attempt it.

I believe if we higher our sexual education we will see rape statuses decrease. We will have a more responsible population of parents, because honestly many people who are parents now…either didn’t want to be or didn’t expect to become one. I really think if we do this….we are going to see some seriously impactful responses. I also believe it would help decrease porn addictions and if we could educate on that more instead of acting like it’s not even a thing. I really think that would be important. Let’s educate about this and not keep our children from it.


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