Food Glorious Food

Honestly I feel like a lot of the time we don’t actually….appreciate food enough. This includes myself especially. Now I LOVE fries it’s been to the point where I have even cried about or over the multiple times and you are probably imagining a funny image but no, no…. I’ve sobbed over french fries and not having them when I wanted them or just waiting in a long line so I can get them. It’s a cute scene and it gives a great message that food is not something we often realize we are lucky to have.

Now this musical has a scene in it where these boys are praising the food they get and it’s horrible!!! It’s gross…and yet here I am crying over french fries or complaining that theres a bruise on my banana!!! I’m ashamed of myself…. but I am hoping that I can learn how to appreciate the food I get because honestly there are people out there that don’t have any food. They find the bits and pieces that they can out of trash cans, they go to a river that’s dirty and have no way to purify it and they drink that water….they eat the most horrible things because that’s all they have yet….they are the most grateful for it. More grateful than anyone you’d encounter. We need to be more open hearted and realize the food we eat….we are blessed with and if we have plentiful to share that and bless the lives of others.

Donate to the Salvation Army, or to your local Food Banks around the world to save someones health and to save even someones live. There are children everywhere that are in need of food and you can help us end world hunger or decrease the number of which we have in that.


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