13 Reasons….

Well… first of all; here I am, writing this. It’s currently 5:30am, I’ve been up since 9am Sunday. It’s officially Monday. I’d like to start off with how grateful I am for the doctors, family members, and….even X-Boyfriend who have kept me alive, here….at 5:30am, writing this upon request yet I’ve chosen to write it more upon influence.

The show “13 reasons why” has deeply touched me.

Anyone who is going through depression right now and is in the very beginnings or closings of their recovery STAY AWAY from this show!! If you are wanting to watch it DO NOT until you know 100% and feel in a safe enough position to listen and watch a story that’s not only about depression, and suicide…..yet one about the truth of our generation and the crushing realities we must come to face. However, I want you to know that there are 13+ reasons why you need to keep fighting and there will always be 13+ reasons why I’ll always be with you. But I don’t want to just be with you… I want to be apart of you, apart of your life! Apart of the story that more people today need to hear. Why it is we suffer through these things. Why there are more than 13 reasons depression happens to take the lives of so many young free, adults like us.

To start off… my opinion on the television show; It was a great idea in my prospective. I believe that the directors and producers were defiantly trying to make an overseeing reality to mental health in various ways. They give us a taste into social anxiety through Clay, a mix of the wrong meds through Justin, a mess of the “misunderstood” signals from Bryce, which all drives us to the grave with Hannah. But just what message are they trying to send through all of this? Well… I believe it’s a message of awakening. One that we will never fall asleep to…ever again.

13 reasons why is not a show to joke about. There are a lot of memes people are creating off of it and it is not something to joke about in the slightest way. This is  show that gives us prospective on our own society and how stupid we are being and we are literally ignoring the fact that some people have turned the show into a real life event now that will soon be effecting many people. Now that I’ve made my little vent about that, please don’t pass it by. Hit that button that sends a message to people to let them know what they are doing is going to effect our people negatively.

Here are spew of some pretty sphere notes I took while watching it. Something in particular that I noticed is right off the bat the song paints our picture; “And I spent so much time fighting” when you have depression, and as someone who has and is going through depression, you are constantly having a battle and fighting and you spend a large majority of your time trying to win that war with your head. So that’s a huge key into the fact that sometimes you want to stop fighting. Also “spent” gives us the message that they have passed away. Hannah meant something to Clay and you can just taste the fact that Justin’s going to be a hurricane the moment he makes his first appearance on screen. You can tell that Hannah was someone who was creative and had a personality that was unforgettable by the locker scene, now often people who are more creative and take more of a abstract way on life are the ones who might be struggling the most. You never know.

WARNING the show does have strong language It HOWEVER WITH THIS PARTICULAR CIRCUMSTANCE IT SHOWS EXACTLY WHAT OR WHO THE NEGATIVE INFLUENCERS ARE. It also gives us a really good taste into our current social situations here in 2017.

Hannah displays anxiety and she shows this in very small ways. Sometimes a person who has even the slightest anxiety might not realize its anxiety that they have, yet as someone with anxiety….you know exactly the millions of signs that a persons body gives off when they are experiencing it. Speech is included in this as well as eye contact and breath. Hannah hungered for justin to respond to her which gives me the impression that all she wants right off the start is to be accepted by someone and for someone to show that to her.

Parenting is hard. I don’t give any harsh criticism to any parents out there….however as a child you know just what sets you off and as one who hid my depression and anxiety….you know it more than you wish you did. Hannah mother and father show why it is we need to be extra careful with how we communicate to our children about their role as a student in school. Right off the bat they demand perfection out of her. Now they might not actually demand this, however the way the tone in her mothers voice gets says that exact message.
The television show involves romance….the type of romance that we’re all after to the point of desperation. But don’t get fooled by this IT IS NOT A LOVE STORY. She got her very first kiss…. which was very important because no one just mentions their first kiss. She was extremely particular about it as well. When you watch the rest of it though you’ll find out why. But for now just know that for a girl her first kiss is something that’s very special. Or at least is hungered to be special.

Justin digs himself his first hole by allowing a picture of Hannah that he took to be sent off to everyone in the school. He never cared about her, he was strictly in it to makeup and get a picture of her when she said she didn’t want one taken inappropriately. Even Clay got the text. This is what started Hannah on her deep end. This was the trigger. How it feels to be used and how it feels to be misunderstood because of a lie someone else told. Clay gets pretty upset and says; “sometimes its better to wait’ the way he said it was aggressive to Hannah and she retreats because of this but not only that….she started retreating from a lot of males after a while.
The song hold on my darling states “your mess is mine” and hannah’s mess is now… clays mess for some reason…..keep watching to figure out why. DON’T BE A BYSTANDER!!!! “Or maybe you just watched it happen” this is our world today. We just watch it happen or scroll past it and don’t say a word. We need to stop doing that. Now this is important…Clay has meds and hasn’t needed them for 2 years why would they bring this up? I believe that they are really trying to sate the fact that it’s never a bad thing to need to take medication. That is something that helps us. We should never be embarrassed or cold towards needing to take medication for mental health. It is something that we need to embrace more I think. And educate people about more.

Confidence is something that is the very keystone of everyones mental stability I believe. Hannah asks if she could be prettier than Jessica….. girls don’t ask that to boys randomly…… this is a big thing and a sign that she is asking for help or for hope of some kind.
Hannah talking about social media stalking is completely dead on it’s almost scary.
I believe that this show is more than about suicide; it’s about woman and where we stand, specifically millennials how we see people…what we are. This tells a story about rape culture…. and how we need higher educators and better rule followers and how that can save lives. This is about woman who stand ALONE, SILENT AND AFRAID because of men who use and abuse them. What happens when girls try to get help……and what should really happen when girls go to get help.

Hannah addressed herself  TO THE COUSELOR DIRECTLY…..and he lied. He told her parents that she never came to talk to him about anything and never addressed any feeling of distress or showed any sign of it when its clear as day that she did.  We need to further our education and background checks in countless therapists school teachers and such more. What a girl perceives is much wider than what i true sometimes its mixed its…its wrong.
She full on stated that she needed help and he wasn’t understanding thats the wrong question he needs to realize she’s reaching out for help

This show will rattle your soul, change your thinking, and influence your part in society. Because together if we stand and unite to get a better mental health situation going on….the world could become so much more of a beautiful place. A place of peace and understanding. Respect and so much more.

13 reasons why….gave me 13 reasons why I choose to tell my story about depression, and why I choose now…to educate more about this issue.


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