• Apps to help sooth anxiety when you’re in public
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Articles
  • And much more
  1. SAFE UTAH- This app allows you to call a crisis line at any given time, if you want to chat with someone instead of calling, it also gives the option to chat and you can submit tips you’ve found come in handy when having social anxiety, or any other anxiety attacks that happen in your life and what helps you
  2. BREATH- With a list of meditations, this app allows you to clear your mind, sleep, and even keep track of your progress. Meditations has been found to be a very helpful thing with anxiety. If you can’t sleep, this app is perfect; a guided meditation allows you to clear your mind and come to a deep and peaceful sleep. You can also learn how to meditate through this app
  3. VIRTUAL HOPE BOX- I have found myself coming to this app countless amounts of times in situations where I feel trapped, scared, vulnerable, or just at the breaking point in my day. With this app it not only allows you to call if needed; it has tools and coping mechanisms to smooth out your anxiety. You have a variety of different options such as distracting, inspiring, or relaxing. Through these tools you can be able to count and mark down which ones are the best coping tool for you and save it.

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