Music & Babies



Music is such an influential subject for humans during our lifetime. Now, you can read this and say; okay…”but what about deaf people?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WOULD NEVER LEAVE MY FAMILY OUT OF THIS, the deaf community is a very, VERY important part to music and the growth we experience through our lives.

Deaf people experience music through vibrations and beats. These are often things we hearing people are not always grateful enough for. Now I’m not saying we are all horrible for not paying attention to the vibrations through music and the beats that come from a heavy dubstep drop. We just find bits and pieces within the music itself and often don’t realize that all together….it creates a story to tell.

By definition, music is the expression of emotion. If you think I’m joking type it into google and read through. Music often tells and shares the stories that we ourselves are unable to share at times. It flows through us on a daily basis. Even when we think the music is dead theres a little tune  going on inside of us, expressing exactly how we are feeling. Music is something that can touch everyones spirit, body, and mind in the deepest of ways.

In a way, the development of the brain can be influenced by music. Especially for babies. The majestical tune or hum of a song on most occasions can very easily calm down a fussy baby. Now….All babies are born with billions of neurons, these neurons form connections with other neurons and when you add music to the equation this can form so called “music related connections” (UGAextention) in the brain, that’s often why babies calm down when they hear a tune.

It is said and heard that playing the piano can improve your math skills. This I have found to be false because I play piano and I struggle very much so with math. However I do believe it has a tendency to create great growth within general education subjects.

It has been shown that music wires our brains for certain thinking patterns almost. Humans have what is called spatial reasoning inside of our brain. If you have ever heard a teacher or friend tell you to study to plain music, they mean classical music. When we listen to classical music it turns on our spatial reasoning and gets us ready to go in a sense. This is great however it works for about an hour and thereafter dies when the music is taken away. Singing helps stimulate the brain so if you’re ever in a rush to memorize something for a test take a song you know and revers the words to the subject you need to remember.

Personally I believe that singing to your babies or to babies is one of the most important things you can duo during infancy. This shows the baby love and affection. Babies love patterns and rhymes. So singing to them makes them happy, regardless of if you can sing or not. This is also very important because studies have proven that when sung to, you are learning language therefore babies are learning language when you sing to them.

So with that said…. Music has a powerful way of effecting on our daily lives and will continue to change and influence the minds and hearts of babies children and adults. Music allows the emotions that get stuck inside of us to release in midst of the air.

Music is hope

Music is inspiration

And music is Love

Love your babies or your future babies or those to which you nanny and sing to them, sing with them, play music around them. Let it be pure and full of delight. There’s nothing ever so peaceful as watching a baby fall asleep in the arms of loved ones to music in the air.



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