Loving you for you

Confidence is something that is hard to find. Especially when we live in a world such as self involved as ours. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however it can cause quite the uprising.  Adds, commercials, magazines, and social media can make us feel inadequate.

You see someones eyebrows…you say “dang it there on fleek”

You see someones shoes you might ask yourself why you have such poor fashion compared to them. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and look inside ourselves and love us for us.

A poem I wrote about 3 years ago that  was inspired by searching for who I am and who I wanted to be. Unfortunately I only looked through the world door. Check it out though.

This song explains the process that we sometimes go through after judging ourselves

Difference: A Poem by Mikah Olsen

We live in a world today where the difference between whats real and whats fake; mistaken

The difference between a toy and a trap; mistaken

How do we define this difference?

We ourselves have to explore with our bodies, our minds!

We ourselves have to adventure into the unknown

Take the risks!

Then that is when is we will know the difference!


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