ODD!!! 2017 ODD!!!


New Year and everyone is just so excited….

That was a joke! Okay so people keep making jokes about how 2016 was so horrible and that going into 2017 is going to be worse. Just saying…. you choose your own road! SO with that said I am choosing to let 2017 be one of the best years of my life. Obviously there will be the ups and downs that you can not avoid, however I am going to try my very best to keep a positive face on this 2017 year and learn from it as much as I can.

(Side note I hate odd numbers so i actually can’t wait for 2018) Party on!!

If you are studying music, theatre, or just trying to get through life…heres a few of the new years resolutions I have that may or may not be successful. So here’s a list of my 2017 goals and the plan I currently have and I hope you can take at least one thing off of this list and apply it to your own life and work towards that goal you have.

2017 Life Objective: Become confident with myself

Morning & Night Prayers

Morning & Night Personal Scripture Study

20 minuet meditation once every day

Hit the gym every day weather it be morning or night

Every other month diet from sugars, or salty substances such as fries

Practice voice every single day and with confidence and hope

Drink water everyday

Memorize and work on 2 monologues Every month

Write in Journal every single day even if its just a sentence

Go to the temple on Tuesday and Thursday Twice a week

Improv and create a scene thats legitimate once a month

Write down 6 things to be grateful for on every Sunday

Create small service project twice a month

Save and track money/Pay tithing on time

Help with 4 things around the house

See therapist once every week

Participate in singles ward activities

Read a book 20 minuets a day


Remember that he never said it would be easy, he only said it would be worth it.





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