Always a girl

Here comes a cheesy post for ya, todays focus is on girls and being a girl.

The heart of every girl longs for a various amount of things. No matter how old you get you’ll always have that girly part inside of you. We long for adventure, beauty, knowledge, and above all love.

I have done some weird and crazy things to achieve some of the greatest adventures. I’ve climbed a building just to isolate myself and stare at the stars while dreaming of a future for myself. I’ve sat in a tree and just felt the wind push my hair back, and it made me feel like I was in a movie, that dramatic moment when the winds pushing your hair and you’re like….”Heck ya I’m owning this” and for a moment you feel really pretty and amazing. I’ve stuck my head in a dictionary trying to learn big words. Granted it did not work, all I wanted was to be able to talk like I was from the 18th century and sound all smart and what not just to scare people. But I think the craziest thing I have done by far is write pages and pages of the imaginary man I wish was in my life.

Love is a very funny thing. You dream of it, you desire it, you experience it, you hate it and then you long for a life with someone. And we say hey…this is the person I want to bug for the rest of my life! Its kinda odd.

Being a girls weird… you’re judgmental about almost everything that revolves around you. If you feel your hair doesn’t look good you gotta ask your friends that standard question…. “Up….or down?” and their reply is almost always I don’t know. You want to look like a supper model but you can’t. And you try to be everything that you are not. So what makes us do this? Our insecurities. We want so badly to be like the girl on the magazine that we forge that the girl in the magazine is so different from us. We all have unique qualities the hard part about it is just accepting those qualities and moving on. Knowing who you are and who God made you to be and loving that part of you. Because Gods in all of us we just have to find out for ourselves the true beauty that shines with no makeup, nothing determining your hair and it’s more about your soul.


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