Therapeutical Singing


What is it about creating sound from the voice that makes me so calm?

*Dramatically eats french fries*

Is it the way it feels? The way it sounds? What is it in singing that makes us all feel so free?

I love singing. Although I’ve had years of practice on my voice and my knowledge of technique and safety of the voice are stuck inside my soul, nothing compares to a free moment with yourself to just sing without any worries. Often I’ll sit down after a long hard class or a long day and just have a moment of silence to myself and then a tune pops in my head….like right now: I’m sitting in my music building after a class, eating fries and…..”Im gonna make a change, for once in my life, its gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference gonna make it right.” -Michael Jackson, then I’ll hum to the tune if I’m in public or sway my head to the beat. But nothing is as beautiful as the moment that tune pops right out of your mouth and into the air, it just feels….so relaxing, knowing that your voice is free, feeling safe within your own space.

Singing is therapeutical  and here are some points on why it does what it does for us

  • Singing Changes your brain: Our physical and emotional landscape is being altered when we sing because of certain vibrations that our vocal chords cause
  • Lessens depression and loneliness: When you sing, its almost similar to if you were to run. Hormones and endorphins are released, causing you to be more calm
  • You gain trust: Oxytocin is released as well which enhances your feelings of trust and bonding. It brings us out of our shells
  • Lowers your stress: singers have been found to have lower levels cortisol, which shows that the level of stress is lower
  • It meditates you: The reason it is so relaxing when you sing with a choir or a group of friends is because often heart beats sync up and that is when it starts to feel like a guided meditation

These things have been scientifically proven and, you certainly can feel the change and you can feel the effect it has on your well being.

sites: 2005 study group,



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