I am alive

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the lives that we have been given with whatever we have going on. How often do you hear, “I am grateful to be alive” probably like……once meeting a vey happy person, Right? Well today I am grateful to be alive.

It has been a hard morning to be honest, and getting out of bed these past few days really has been hard. I missed my first 2 classes because I was feeling really depressed. I didn’t want to see anyone and I really didn’t care if I was going to miss another lecture. Now……don’t follow my example, go to class LOL! Please, try and go. Build up the strength to go because it is important and when you get outside you will feel a lot better than being cooped up in your dorm or your house for half the day. Knowledge is something that we take with us always. It is one of the most important things we can submerge ourselves in.

The reason I am grateful today to be alive is because of this performance by Celine Dion. Now… Celine has been basically my homie these past couple of days. And really she has influenced me with her performances and her music greatly. The dancers in this performance (especially the fist solo dancer) resemble life itself without a worry in the world. How it would be to just be yourself, to embrace who you are and to accept how God has mad you. The dancers resemble the phase of life we all hope to get to; Loving ourselves and loving who we have become, knowing that things are gonna be okay. We are not perfect, but the act of trying pretty dang hard weather we realize it or not makes us pretty gosh dang close. Trying is one of the hardest things to do for many of us in our daily lives. Heck, getting out of bed this morning and getting ready for me….that was NOT easy. These are the things we take for granite…. getting up, being able to walk, being able to speak, having a bed, having proof over our heads; there are so many things of this world that we don’t even acknowledge fully! That’s why I am so grateful this day to be alive.

Not always am I grateful to be alive either. There have been days when I wish the complete opposite and i’m sure others have had those thoughts as well. I am here to say, just like in this song, God knows that you and I are alive, he hears us…..and he knows what it is we wish for on a daily basis. He wants us to be happy, there are lessons we must learn from our trials and often times those lessons are hard to learn, but they are worth it, and because of that we can “touch the stove” for each other (@hillcresttheatre)  and help one another get through things we would not be able to do alone.

God knows we are alive. We have a reason to be here. I have a strong testimony about that.  Even when there are days that I don’t want to be here, I know that God wants me to be here……Lucifer may not…but I know that God does. Lucifer knows how strong we are and how much good we have inside of us, which is why he tries to take us down. He knows we have the power to change each other and help one another through obstacles of the world. He doesn’t want that. We are here for a reason, be yourself though…..find out your reason, use your agency, use it carefully and learn from your mistakes. Get up and dust yourself off.

Because guess what?

You’re Alive….



Heres is the link to the song I was talking about, an amazing life changing performance by Celine Dion.


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