The Start

Some of you might wonder…”okay what the heck is she doing? And how is this blog going to work? Why is she doing this?” well let me tell you.

From the begging: I have always loved music. It has been a deep love of mine for a very long time. When I was young I would love to sing. But I never let anyone hear me. Like…EVER! I would hide in my room, and hum quietly alone, wishing to sing out loud, with a brother as a performer and being in dance classes and a small preforming group as a young child, I wished to be on a stage like my brother. One day my family brought home the movie “Dream Girls” being adopted into an LDS church and blessed to be a member I never understood the power of “gospel singing” so we watched this movie. My eyes were glued, from the very beginning. I wanted to know every detail I wanted to study every note that they sang and every step that they made as they danced together, every fight that they had and every moment of glory that they brought together. Then Beyonce Knowles sang “Listen” this was the moment I knew that I had to stop hiding my voice, in that moment the spirit said “Mikah you have that gift” as young as I was all it thought was that I had the gift to sing, but it was far more than that. I had the ability to change peoples hearts with my voice, to change lives, and thats all I wanted to do, so I started voice lessons at 9 years old. As scared as I was, I will never regret that first voice lesson I had. I still have every single CD that we recorded and hearing my progression from then to now is just incredible, my love for music has grown, but not only that but the love I have for it’s ability to change so many lives.

From there on as I grew I realized there were multiple things to do in the preforming industry, I became a dancer, and I became and actress, I achieved becoming a so called”triple treat” but I wasn’t going to use that for fame and I won’t. I’m using it to change lives, so why this site? why hope inspiration and love? Because music gives us all that, we can provided that for others and it can give us hope when we have none, it can inspire us in moments of fear and desperation and we can learn to love not only ourselves but others through music.

I hope you will all join me on this journey and experience new things and read what i post, because I promise you it will not be a waste of your time. I promise to give to every one of my followers and I promise to make this as best as I can. Yes the blog is still in the clean up process but its getting there. I hope you will follow and enjoy and understand that this blog isn’t about me, I will not be sharing stories about myself just to share stories about myself. I will be sharing to change, and I will be singing and playing to change lives. My Instagram music posts will often correlate with this so please follow that as well, at musical-mikah18 continue to listen to music and fins new songs, any song topic requests please message or comment and I would love to give that!


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