Bad Day?


Do you ever just wonder what the purpose to life is and you are feeling down? Imagine this; you’ve had the worst day of your life, and you are feeling like nothing in this world could make you calm down. You’re angry, you are hurt, you are confused and you feel like no one has listened to you all day. You just want to scream in a pillow and cry but you hold back those tears feeling like you’ll loose if one slips out of your eye. So you plug in those earphones to drowned the negative thoughts out of your head, but what songs will calm you down a little?

Heres a tip… plug in those earphones are get a big glass of cold water. Heres the songs you can listen to. Take some deep breaths and try to empty your mind a little bit.

  1. Lunch Money Lewis- “I got bills” (You freakin earned it)
  2. Fame the musical- “Out here on my own” (Where’s the feeling coming from?)
  3. Crowded House- “Don’t dream its over” (There will be better days, remember)
  4. Demi Lovato- “Confident” (Get that sassy out, have your moment to shine)These are just a few of the songs that you can listen to after a bad day to START to calm down, the songs that keep you from ripping your pillow with your bare hands, make your own list of calm down songs and use it after bad days just to remind yourself, “Hey….it’s gonna be ok, that wasn’t a big deal” get back on your feet with a little music beat

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  1. Your stories are beautiful, uplifting and true to the heart. I look forward to reading more in the future. Keep being the positive light that you are and never stop dancing your way through life.

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