My Poem

Any man I seek after... I am let down Every chance I am offered I’m turned into a clown Every moment I breath is a moment of pain And every moment I think is a moment I hate. Have I said something wrong? Have I said the wrong words? Do I sound too excited Is... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Beast

This story was one I wrote a long time ago about...but I will post it on here because I might as well. It's a short story and I hope you find the meaning in it. Silence....that's all I ever heard before this day! Silence...and now everything's so loud and clear. When I close my eyes,... Continue Reading →

Princess Tiana

Okay so I love Princess Tiana!! If you didn't know!!! She's the best!! And Not just because she's a princess. You have to remember that before she married the prince...she was just an ordinary girl living down in the New Orleans!!! But let me tell you all the reasons I am obsessed with Princess Tiana!!!... Continue Reading →


Cooking is meditation, allowing you to slow down and focus on what you are doing. Cooking has actually been proven to help mentally. There are a growing number of mental health facilities that now use culinary therapy for their patiences. I find cooking to be extremely soothing. So here are some recipes of things I... Continue Reading →

College Costs

In New York they have already started to created the new program of having college be free for the living New Yorkers. Sign me up I wish that they would start doing this more everywhere! People deserve to have an education, we need it and it would be able to decrease the amount of homeless... Continue Reading →

Pastel Colors & Hope

Colors happen to have a psychological effect on us. Although it's something we see through art, it happens to be a "Silent language" ( colors can change the environment that we are in, the setting, and even the mood. Now we all want to have a peaceful uplifting mood and even more than that we... Continue Reading →

Sleep & Self respect

Sleep is extremely important to the body and mind. Our lives depend on this and if we don't get enough sleep it can be very detrimental to our future and the present. Now here are some sleeping tips that have been asked for by Sabrina!!!!! Meditation- This is a simple way to calm down the... Continue Reading →

Food Glorious Food

Honestly I feel like a lot of the time we don't actually....appreciate food enough. This includes myself especially. Now I LOVE fries it's been to the point where I have even cried about or over the multiple times and you are probably imagining a funny image but no, no.... I've sobbed over french fries and... Continue Reading →

Sexual Education

To be completely honest I believe that the sexual education given throughout the states is horrible. There is not a high enough education on it, it's not taken seriously enough, and people aren't learning a thing. The few things I remember about my health class when we had our sex ed unit were these couple... Continue Reading →

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