New Car, Beep Beep!!

So as most of you know a couple weeks ago I got into a car crash, but thankfully I am okay! The first car crash I had back abut 4 years ago happened with one of my best friends and it was pretty bad. We were headed down a canyon and unfortunately, my wheel hit... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Temple 

  Last night on my amazing date we went to temple square!! We sat and looked at the temple for a really good amount of time and it was just so nice and peaceful! After  awhile my date asked me what was on top... In response I said Moroni!!! With a grin on my face,... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Date 

   The worst part about being single... is having to date!! You have to date around continually to find attribute you like so forth so on, it's a process am I right!?!? Well within the years that I have been single for... I've been on my hand full of dates, I've been here and there... Continue Reading →

African American skin care

Skin care is an essential part of life! As an African American living in a dry, hot place! Skin care is crucial to my day to day routine! If you are African American you know the struggle is real because you can’t just walk into a drug store and buy the most affordable face wash... Continue Reading →

My Story

For those of you who may not know I am a member of the LDS church!! I absolutely love the gospel and the church! If I did not have it in my life I would fall apart and I am so grateful for the changes it has done for me and who I am now... Continue Reading →


Poison... The destroyer, the weakener, the seeker that burns It swims through our veins, to our hearts and it HURTS The words that we hear, the hope that we have The things we look forward to Then it all turns SO bad A flicker of light with the hope that we spite After days... After... Continue Reading →

Piece by Piece

As I contemplated my ability to delete this blog I got many messages from people. People I didn't know, and people I knew all too well hahaha! The outweighing number happened to be the crowd that gives me reason to keep this blog up and to continue my writings right as we speak. The people... Continue Reading →

My Poem

Any man I seek after... I am let down Every chance I am offered I’m turned into a clown Every moment I breath is a moment of pain And every moment I think is a moment I hate. Have I said something wrong? Have I said the wrong words? Do I sound too excited Is... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Beast

This story was one I wrote a long time ago about...but I will post it on here because I might as well. It's a short story and I hope you find the meaning in it. Silence....that's all I ever heard before this day! Silence...and now everything's so loud and clear. When I close my eyes,... Continue Reading →

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