Swimming Through Life

One two three...... GO!!!! You jump You jump into the sea of life Telling yourself to not drowned you panic... You panic so much that you begin to think of where you are Sharks... There are sharks in the sea There are sharks, and eels and squid and jelly fish Poisson... There are plants in... Continue Reading →


Dream House

I'm so excited ya'll I'm currently in the process of investing in my own home. Even though it will be clear down the road, I am still starting my savings for it and oh my gosh it's so exciting. I really just love making goals and pushing towards achieving them. And I'm more than excited... Continue Reading →


I dream I'm dancing with the love of my life at our wedding only to wake up to real life where I dance in circles trying to find someone to become my one and only. I flip myself upside down and bed over backwards for men, and yet my journey still continues. But that's ok.....let... Continue Reading →

Musical Magic

I work as a special education teacher and I absolutely love it so much!! Today I had quite  an amazing moment with an old student of mine. Identity of my students goes completely hidden just for clarification! This student however was one of the very first people I ever learned to work with. The first... Continue Reading →

New Car, Beep Beep!!

So as most of you know a couple weeks ago I got into a car crash, but thankfully I am okay! The first car crash I had back abut 4 years ago happened with one of my best friends and it was pretty bad. We were headed down a canyon and unfortunately, my wheel hit... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Temple 

  Last night on my amazing date we went to temple square!! We sat and looked at the temple for a really good amount of time and it was just so nice and peaceful! After  awhile my date asked me what was on top... In response I said Moroni!!! With a grin on my face,... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Date 

   The worst part about being single... is having to date!! You have to date around continually to find attribute you like so forth so on, it's a process am I right!?!? Well within the years that I have been single for... I've been on my hand full of dates, I've been here and there... Continue Reading →

African American skin care

Skin care is an essential part of life! As an African American living in a dry, hot place! Skin care is crucial to my day to day routine! If you are African American you know the struggle is real because you can’t just walk into a drug store and buy the most affordable face wash... Continue Reading →

My Story

For those of you who may not know I am a member of the LDS church!! I absolutely love the gospel and the church! If I did not have it in my life I would fall apart and I am so grateful for the changes it has done for me and who I am now... Continue Reading →


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